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I am Timo Komulainen; a guitarist, vocalist and composer. During the last ten years I have taught guitar to almost one hundred students. I give lessons in Helsinki and online using services such as Skype.

On my guitar lessons, you will learn to play metal music with the electric guitar regardless of style or technique. Everything I teach helps you to reach your goals, whether you want play your favorite music or to simply evolve as a guitarist.

Metal guitar lessons
Ages 10-999
Learn your favorite music
For guitarists of all levels
Teaching in English or Finnish
Flexible arrangements



I started to teach guitar in 2007. Along the years I have taught almost one hundred guitarists of all ages and backgrounds. Although I appreciate and listen to all kinds of music, I specialize in teaching metal music to guitarists of all levels.

My journey as a musician started in early childhood with the violin. In the age of twenty I discovered the wonderful world of the electric guitar and I am still on the same path. So far, I have released four albums of progressive metal. In addition, I have uploaded over one hundred covers and a few lesson videos to YouTube.

Student testimonials

If you are deciding to start learning guitar, I strongly recommend Timo.

Timo has a deep understanding and knowledge of guitar and music in general. I like the method which he uses for teaching, we choose a song then we start to work on different parts of the song while learning the related techniques and if there are difficult parts for me to learn, he breaks those parts to simpler alternates. Timo is very patient and friendly, he pays attention to details and from beginning you’ll notice that he always put quality ahead of quantity. If you are deciding to start learning guitar or want to improve your skills I strongly recommend Timo.


Laadukasta soiton opetusta hyvässä seurassa viikko toisensa jälkeen!

Suosittelen Timon tarjoamia tunteja kaikille, jotka haluavat oppia oikeasti soittamaan kitaraa. Etenemme minun tahtiini aina kohti haastavampia kappaleita ja tekniikoita sitä mukaa kun tasoni kasvaa. Otamme jokaisen ongelmakohdan käsittelyyn, kunnes saamme ulos puhtaita ja selviä nuotteja. Aloin käymään Timon tunneilla soitettuani vuoden yksin, jonka jälkeen olen alkanut huomata selvää kehitystä soittamisessani viikko toisensa jälkeen. Opettajani ammattimaisia ohjeita seuraamalla sekä kärsivällisyydellä tulee kuka tahansa varmasti huomaamaan tuloksia omassa soitossaan.


Patient and methodical teacher who knows a lot and can teach well

Timo’s lessons are very structured, but adopt to one’s own pace. Each time we started by tuning the instrument, reviewing the progress from the previous lesson and identifying possibly improvements going forward and spending more time learning new parts of a song, rehearsing techniques or learning some basic music theory. In the course of taking lessons from Timo, I developed from having no idea of playing the instrument or how to read notes to having some idea and knowing how to practice by splitting a complex song into small pieces that can be rehearsed and then put together into a whole. I can recommend Timo 100% especially if you want to play metal!



  • Metal guitar lessons I specialize in teaching metal music. Whether you like traditional bands, such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath or Metallica, more modern groups, such as Meshuggah, Children of Bodom or Wintersun, or the darkest artists, such as Dimmu BorgirDark Funeral or Cradle of Filth, I can teach you.
  • Ages 10-999 The student has to be at least ten-years-old. Contact me if you believe your child is capable of independent practice.
  • Learn your favorite music I help you to reach your goals, whether it is to learn guitar basics, your favorite music or to simply evolve as a guitarist. No time is wasted in my guitar lessons.
  • For guitarists of all levels Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you are welcome to my guitar lessons.
  • Teaching in English or Finnish I give guitar lessons also in Finnish.
  • Flexible arrangements You can attend to my guitar lessons in a way that fits you, whether you want to come regularly or from time to time.
  • Clarity On my lessons, we focus on one song at a time. You will receive clear instructions for your practice from each lesson.
  • Documentation I make notes of your progress and record your playing at regular intervals. Such documentation helps you to see progress and so inspire to keep practicing.


You can buy guitar lessons individually or in a package. A package lesson is the clearly cheaper choice. I offer the first lesson for the price of 25€.

30€/55min 8 lessons, total 240€
35€/55min 4 lessons, total 140€
40€/55min single lesson

(prices include 24% VAT)


My latest YouTube lesson

Guitar lessons work

Regular meetings with a teacher simplify guitar practice. A student who takes lessons can concentrate on practice, which is challenging work in itself. He does not have to use much time to evaluate his progress and avoid dead ends in practice. A good teacher can greatly speed up the learning process of a guitarist, because he helps the student avoid time-consuming errors.

Ordinarily a student takes one lesson a week. This meeting, approximately one hour in duration, is not intended for practice. During the lesson I find out out how you have advanced since the last lesson and instruct you on what to practice next.

The most valuable thing a teacher can convey to a student are tools for independent practice. In addition, the teacher follows the student’s progress and acts as a mirror, giving the student a comprehensive idea of where he is and where he is going.

Place of teaching


I teach in Kannelmäki, Helsinki (Finland). The place is only a 500-meter-walk from the train station.

If you cannot attend to face-to-face lessons, you can sign up for online lessons.