Timo Komulainen's guitar lessons in Helsinki and on Skype

Hey there! I am Timo Komulainen, a metal musician of over ten years. Behind me are four published albums, and I have taught close to one hundred guitar students. I give guitar lessons both in Helsinki (Finland) and on Skype.

On my guitar lessons, you will learn to play metal music with an electric guitar regardless of style or technique. I focus on teaching only the essential in support of your goals.

What I teach

Whether you like traditional styles and bands, such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath or Metallica, newer trends such as Meshuggah, Children of Bodom or Wintersun, or the most heavy and dark bands such as Dimmu BorgirDark Funeral or Cradle of Filth, I can teach you.

On my guitar lessons, you will learn all necessary techniques and guitarist roles, whether you want to play difficult solos or only rhythm guitar parts. Some of the guitar techniques I teach:

  • Picking
    • sweep
    • alternate
    • economy
    • hybrid
    • string skipping
    • palm muting
  • Legato
    • one-handed
    • two-handed (tapping)
  • Articulations
    • vibrato
    • bends
    • slides
    • tremolo arm
    • harmonics
  • Chords
    • open
    • barre

Significance of guitar lessons

You can learn to play guitar by yourself or with a teacher. Both approaches have their advantages and proponents.

A good teacher is an experienced guitarist, who has been through the same challenges the student is facing. He understands these challenges and can help the student in conquering them. Without a teacher it is almost certain that a beginning guitarist practices poorly and so loses much time and energy. A good teacher directs a student’s learning process so that his way to becoming the guitarist of his dreams is as direct, easy and rewarding as possible.

Ordinarily a student takes one lesson a week. This meeting, approximately one hour in duration, is not intended for practice. During the lesson a teacher figures out how a student has advanced after the last lesson and what he should focus on in the future.

The most valuable thing a teacher can convey to a student are tools for independent practice. In addition, the teacher follows the student’s progress and acts as a mirror, giving the student a comprehensive idea of where he is and where he is going.

Regular meetings with a teacher simplify guitar practice. A student who takes lessons can concentrate on practice, which is challenging work in itself. He does not have to use much time to evaluate his progress and avoid dead ends in practice. A good teacher can greatly speed up the progress of a guitarist, because he helps the student avoid time-consuming errors.

The right teacher

It is important for you to find a teacher who is right for you. He is a person who is easy to understand, cares of your struggle and is easy to be around. The only way to know whether a teacher is right for you is to take a lesson from him. However, I will attempt to describe myself and my way of teaching.

I believe that playing and practicing guitar, like anything else in life, should be pleasant things. Learning guitar should not be forceful and unpleasant work. And so, my teaching is always based on needs of the student. On my lessons, we concentrate only on things that serve your goals as a a guitarist.

If you want guitar lessons to be rigorously planned, with spreadsheets and graded homework, I am not your kind of a teacher. My way of teaching is open and free. Practicing guitar should not be a serious thing and it is the easiest when you feel good and relaxed. I believe learning to be a reward and pleasure in itself.

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