Omniavatar – Ego Death

A story of one person’s awakening to realities, terrors and beauty of our world. It begins from the birth of one and culminates at global scale.

Timo Komulainen – Biographical

Biographical is not just a music autobiography of my life; it is a story of human life. Its tracks encompass all the major parts of the life I have had during my first 30 years in this world.

Omniavatar – United Earth

In the beginning of the third millennium, humankind finally unites in harmony. The oppressing and manipulative elite is overthrown and replaced by the benevolent rule of the United Earth movement that advocates health, growth and truth.

Viral – Antediluvian Hunger

Antediluvian – a war machine created by the Elder Gods – hibernates for millions of years within Earth´s crust. The rest is interrupted by beings – the Fomulor – who are colonizing the planet. They excavate the antediluvian, mistaken it for an exceptionally beautiful statue and take it aboard a freighter, set to return to their homeworld Fomulor Prime.