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Living and learning is what it’s all about. During my first 30 years, I have grown so much. I would not have written one note or word, were it not for the rich life I have had. I could not teach or say one worthy thing without having gone through the grueling yet purifying school of life.

After four albums of progressive metal, one book and close to a hundred guitar students, I am about to conquer new ground and take my art and teaching to new and thrilling dimensions.


Photo Gallery Added

Additions keep rolling in! I added a photo gallery to the website with pictures from all across my career. Some of the pictures are featured on the front page as well.

The new website is up!

Welcome to the new, improved timokomulainen.com! While most of the site should be functional, there are still some rough spots I will improve very soon. Expect many updates in the …

Lotus Monk

Still, sitting. Calm behind closed eyes. Thoughts once raced, now move at a slow pace. Rising and falling in the spotlight of my consciousness. Momentary recognition, no more. I let …