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Living and learning is what it’s all about. During my first 30 years, I have grown so much. I would not have written one note or word, were it not for the rich life I have had. I could not teach or say one worthy thing without having gone through the grueling yet purifying school of life.

After four albums of progressive metal, one book and close to a hundred guitar students, I am about to conquer new ground and take my art and teaching to new and thrilling dimensions.


Viral – Antediluvian Hunger

Antediluvian – a war machine created by the Elder Gods – hibernates for millions of years within Earth´s crust. The rest is interrupted by beings – the Fomulor – who are colonizing the planet. They excavate the antediluvian, mistaken it for an exceptionally beautiful statue and take it aboard a freighter, set to return to their homeworld Fomulor Prime.

Omniavatar – Ego Death

A story of one person’s awakening to realities, terrors and beauty of our world. It begins from the birth of one and culminates at global scale.

Timo Komulainen – Biographical

Biographical is not just a music autobiography of my life; it is a story of human life. Its tracks encompass all the major parts of the life I have had during my first 30 years in this world.