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  Timo Komulainen

Another Symphony X tab 06.10.2015 08:00

I have published a quite full tab of Symphony X's song "Paradise Lost". The only thing I did not notate was the vocals.

P.S.: Been a while since the last update. I have been busy composing and rehearsing the second Omniavatar album with the band. As before with "United Earth", I am doing all I can to make the album as powerful and beautiful as possible. For more info on what is going on, check out Omniavatar Facebook page.

New music and Skype lessons 23.03.2015 08:45

It has been a while since an update. Rest assured, I have been busy working on new things!

First, I have revived Omniavatar with a bunch of great musicians. We are composing a new album and recently released a little taster of it. Give it a listen!

Second, I now offer guitar lessons on Skype. Guitarists of all backgrounds and levels are welcome. Message me for more info.

Humane Self-discipline 01.06.2014 10:28

Self-discipline is one of the essential characteristics that not only separates us from animals, but also successful individuals from those only wishing success. In a very real sense, self-discipline is what makes one human. Without it, no great inventions would have ever been made. Without self-discipline, there would be no art, except for lazy graffiti. Without self-discipline, we would be living in caves, hungry and scared. Like animals. Like reactive, all-instinctual animals.

Self-discipline is long-term self-control. Essentially, a self-disciplined person functions on two levels: ...

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Lotus Monk 30.05.2014 08:13

Still, sitting. Calm behind closed eyes. Thoughts once raced, now move at a slow pace. Rising and falling in the spotlight of my consciousness. Momentary recognition, no more. I let go. I, let go. Been here for long, and for long will be here. Still, sitting. In a full-lotus position.

I hear something to my right. My instincts insist it is an insect, crawling on a leaf. Tiny, numerous feet racing upon a coarse surface.

"Quiet! Be quiet" The monk screams, jumps onto his feet and hunches over a small sprout. A caterpillar on one of its leaves rises, extending its upper half up in air. The ...

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Escape from ignorance and fear 02.04.2014 08:34

The average person spends a third of the day asleep, another at work and the last one engaging in various forms of escapism. Whether mindlessly playing video games, watching TV or using drugs, it does not make a difference. The function of each is escapism, distraction, which enables our rulers to divide us into sheep-like beings that are simple to control.

Here in Finland you can go to any public place and see dozens of people doing various things such as sitting, standing, walking or even riding a bicycle downhill, each staring at tiny screen in hand. This behavior is especially ...

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