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  Timo Komulainen

Escape from ignorance and fear 02.04.2014 08:34

The average person spends a third of the day asleep, another at work and the last one engaging in various forms of escapism. Whether mindlessly playing video games, watching TV or using drugs, it does not make a difference. The function of each is escapism, distraction, which enables our rulers to divide us into sheep-like beings that are simple to control.

Here in Finland you can go to any public place and see dozens of people doing various things such as sitting, standing, walking or even riding a bicycle downhill, each staring at tiny screen in hand. This behavior is especially ...

Merging of the web sites: Part 2 01.04.2014 12:30

As you can see, I have merged my personal and tabs website. There is still much to be done, but all content should be functional already.

The Perpetual Pull of Entropy 31.03.2014 06:51

Each person on this planet is in a state of perpetual motion. As the planet moves, so do you and as you drive a car, you move in another way; and as years pass and you grow old, you move in time. We seem to be forever stuck in one point in time that keeps moving forward with utter disregard to our wants and needs. However, we can choose the manner of moving through time. Will you use the passing time to your advantage or disadvantage? Or will you do nothing at all and be defeated by the perpetual pull of entropy?

As the Earth pulls each object in its vicinity towards itself through the ...

Merging of the web sites and an upcoming tab 30.03.2014 12:38

In the coming weeks I will merge my two websites, timokomulainen.com and tabs.timokomulainen.com. All of my doings will be handily under the same roof! :)

"Ludapain" requested me to tab The Safety Fire's song "Old Souls" and I have accepted the challenge. The tab will be done before the end of May. As you can see, it can pay off to request a tab from me. :)

Use Your Ears 21.03.2014 07:53

Many years back, a few years into my relationship with the electric guitar, I discovered the importance of the ear. Back then, my usual approach to learning a song was the following: 1. Download a tab. 2. Learn the song without any thought of my own, following the instructions down to the last bit of horrible fingering. If I discovered an extremely cool song and could not find a tab for it – well, tough luck. I would have to settle for something someone, somewhere had liked enough to tab.

The tabs in those days were not that great. However, how could I have known any better? Who was I to ...